The Band

After starting out as a 3-piece combo in 2009 and after releasing 2 EPs ( From the City, From the Beast and Legless Dancer ) in that formation, we decided to take a dear friend of ours ( Markus Gutruf ) in.

Our Formation consists of:

             Lukas Böck ( Drums ), Matthias Noitz ( Guitar, Vocals ),                         Markus Gutruf ( Synths ) and Robert Bodenstein ( Bass )

Our goal is to create music, without restrictions or genre-limitations. Inspired by different genres ( jazz, indie-rock, electronica, downtempo ) we try, not only to create unique music, but also provide a unique live-experience for our listeners.

Therefore rather than playing song after song, as most bands do, we are influenced by the various DJ-sets, which keep the music rolling without a break until the end.


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